What Should We Not Do Before Getting A Back Facial?

To begin, you should refrain from using any harsh at-home face treatments for a week before your visit. Gentle exfoliation should be avoided for a few days beforehand, as exfoliation is one of the important components in a pro facial.

Do not tan or burn in the days leading up to your appointment because your esthetician will have to give a light facial to aid with sun damage rather than one that can actually tackle any deeper difficulties you have with your skin.

Don’t Wax your skin for at least 24-48 hours before your spa facial. Waxing too soon before the procedure may cause discomfort and stinging.

Patients are encouraged to shower before the facial to begin loosening the pores, and they are advised not to shave shortly before the procedure to avoid making the skin too sensitive.

4 More Things Not To Do Before Getting Skin Care Treatment

1. Go In Blind.

If you’re not sure what you need, make an appointment with your facialist ahead of time to discuss your options. There are so many possibilities out there, and there may be several that are appropriate for you. If you’re unsure, schedule a consultation with your esthetician first, and they’ll be able to point you in the correct direction.

2. Put On Some Cosmetics.

When you come in for a facial, the cleaner your skin is, the better an esthetician can treat it. Allowing your flaws to breathe allows them to know what they’re up against before you start, allowing them to prepare their course of action accordingly. Plus, because a facial will practically wash your makeup off in the first five minutes, you might as well save your money and sleep in a little longer.

3. Get Injections. 

If injectables like Botox and filler are a part of your beauty routine (#itme! ), it’s vital to schedule your cosmetic derm visit separately from your esthetician visit. To guarantee that everything settles properly, Demirovic recommends waiting two weeks between Botox and a facial… because the last thing you want to do is screw up the Botox in your face.

 4. Treat Your Skin.

If you’re dealing with acne or another form of skin problem, it can be tempting to attack it head on in an attempt to solve it on your own. Don’t. Sometimes people smother their face in tea tree oil or glycolic acid and show up with red, irritated skin. However, getting a facial on top of it is quite difficult since your skin can’t tolerate any more exfoliation. Refrain from attempting to repair things yourself; instead, enlist the help of specialists.

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