What Clothing Can You Wear For A Back Facial?

If you’ve never been to a spa before, you might be unsure of what to bring. Although some spas have a dress code in certain locations, such as restaurants, you normally don’t have to worry about what you wear! Plus, after you get to your chosen spa, you’ll most likely spend the majority of your time in a robe.

One of the most often asked questions about a pro facial is what to wear. The answer is simple: wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! It doesn’t really matter what you wear, but remember that changing back into tight or uncomfortable clothes after your facial may not be the ideal way to end such a soothing session. It is recommended to wear clothes that are easy to change into and out of, but don’t worry if you’re coming straight from work or an event.

When you arrive, the esthetician will give you a robe to wear to cover up so you can remove as much clothing as you like. You should, however, always remove your shirt to allow the esthetician access to your face, neck, and shoulders. If it makes you more comfortable, you can keep your bra on; just be sure to pull the straps down so your esthetician can give you a full neck and shoulder massage. Many clients wear their pants, but if the robe is long enough, you can remove them if it makes you more comfortable. The basic line is that your esthetician will not criticize you based on what you’re wearing, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

How To Prepare For A Facial

There isn’t much you can do the day or week before a facial to prepare, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

To begin, you should refrain from using any harsh at-home face treatments for the week leading up to your consultation. Exfoliation is one of the important elements in a pro facial, so you should avoid gentle exfoliation for a few days ahead.

Do not tan or burn in the days leading up to your appointment (or ever!) because your esthetician will have to give you a light facial to help with the sun damage rather than one that can actually tackle any deeper difficulties you have with your skin.

Bring a list of the skin care items you use at home with you so your esthetician has everything she needs. Bring a list of your medications, medical issues, and previous skin conditions, as well as your regular skin care products, so the esthetician can suggest items that won’t interact. Even over-the-counter drugs can have a big impact on your skin.

Prepare to discuss your main skin concerns as well as your skin objectives. Your esthetician will not only assist you with specialized treatments, but they will also assist you in transforming your at-home routine to achieve your objectives. Estheticians are trained professionals that specialize in skin and skin care, and they should be your first port of call for information.

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