Nordstrom, Inc. is a recognized fashion retailer offering consumers a wide range of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. They work tirelessly to make them a company that their staff and customers can be proud of. It means for them to do what they can to help the many individuals and societies they represent. It also ensures that the ecosystem is valued by raising its impact and protecting energy. 

Taking Care of Communities

At Nordstrom, they consider supporting people to be one of their most important tasks. They work hard to return to the diverse communities they live and work in. That involves trying to create a workplace that welcomes, respects and appreciates their clients, staff and seller partners. 

Environmental Sustainability

    Nearly every part of business has an impact on the environment. They dedicate themselves to minimize or remove these impacts wherever possible. They are working within their own operations to reduce greenhouse gases and allow more effective use of electricity , water and forest resources. One way to report on their activities and success is through the annual climate communication program of the Carbon Disclosure Project climate disclosure initiative. 

    Through using LED technology that is more effective, they have reduced the amount of energy they use per square foot in their facilities. And they can improve the efficiency of their lighting and HVAC systems by using remote monitoring, ensuring that they only work if necessary. All this reduces energy consumption per square foot. Their energy consumption per square foot has been reduced by 17.1 percent since 2015. We also buy more energy from renewable sources. In 2018, 82 percent of their energy came from renewable sources in deregulated markets where they work.

    For all parts of a supply chain, water conservation is critical. In their newer facilities and shops their stores, offices and storage facilities conserve water with careful scenery, controlled toilet flux and waterless urinals. In 2018, 350,539 kilogallons, or 12,5 gallons per square foot, of water were used in owned and operated installations. Since 2014, their water pressure has been reduced by 10 percent. While there are few products from Nordstrom Product Group, which need wet treatment or drying, they also feel that their water usage in facilities manufacturing NGP products should be understood and worked on.



    In all aluminum, paper, cardboard, plastic , glass and composition stores, they have recycling bins. In organic recycling programs, a growing number of their stores and warehouses. They even have an old machine recycling system and used toner cartridges for printers and copiers. 

    Not only are Nordstrom bags and boxes recyclable, but they do use fewer packaging and prefer recycled material items.

  • Bags and boxes that are 100 % recyclable. You can recycle it if it comes from Nordstrom. Their bags are made from at least 40% recycled material after use and our gift boxes are of silver containing at least 35% post-consumer material.
  • Reduced packaging for More package sizes means that the product fits better and the waste is smaller.
  • The shopping bags for Nordstrom Rack are made in the USA and contain at least 20% recycled material.

This amazing shopping destination is located in beautiful Walnut Creek, California, along with these other must-see amazing stores for you to check out:

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All of these wonderful shopping destinations are located just a short distance from our location on Boulevard Circle in historic Walnut Creek, California.