The new store of Apple’s is located on the edge of the Broadway Plaza at the highly noticeable junction of Main St. and Olympic Boulevard at Broadway Plaza. Numerous shops and stores, and many technology giants such as Amazon and Tesla, are situated in the walkable area. Like every new store in Apple, Broadway Plaza is a perfect place for people to get together and learn. 

Before your doorstep starts the new shop experience. From the east side of the building extend a tree-lined plaza with pillars of stone and wooden seats to a square mating fountain. As evidenced by the recently opened Milan Apple Piazza Liberty, the architecture of an amphitheater, outdoor spaces are becoming critical design features for Apple ‘s stores. Walk into any of the more than 100 Apple locations that have their latest shopping concept, and it becomes apparent instantly that while physical products continue to be relevant for the enterprise – wooden tables still line sales levels – the main priority is to gather space for Apple meetings today. In an interview with Apple SVP Angela Ahrendts at Cannes Lions in June, the series of educational and creative sessions may be “the largest platform for enriching life that we have ever had.”

A unique style is provided for Apple Broadway Plaza, which combines elements from other recent retail Apple projects to create the first of its sort. Apple Michigan Avenue and Apple Park Visitor Center are the closest relatives of their store, spaces that both feature glass walls that are floor by ceiling, with curved corners and slightly curved roofs to match. Generous hangings are paneled on all four sides with natural wood which spans the entire shop.


COVID 19 Measures

They are open again. That means everything you love is there for you, including their products, services, Genius Support, and Specialists. They have:

  • Face Masks
  • Touchless Temperature Checks
  • Limiting Store Occupancy
  • Physical Distancing
  • Continuous Deep Cleaning

You can also shop online with free, no-contact delivery and visit support for product help. 

This amazing shopping destination is located in beautiful Walnut Creek, California, along with these other must-see amazing stores for you to check out:

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All of these wonderful shopping destinations are located just a short distance from our location on Boulevard Circle in historic Walnut Creek, California.