Sunnyvale Market & Deli is a small Middle East grocery store. They have some good food to go and occasionally they have to grab dinner here. They’ve got so many nice Persians, Turks, and other products you can’t find anywhere else like the Persian ice cream, which are more Arabic or Indian.

It is a mini-supermarket offering every possible spice and all kinds of Mediterranean delicacies that includes a deli, kabobs, meat counter, bakery, canned goods, fruits, frozen products, ice cream, new pastries/candies, etc. There is a basic selection of fruits and veggies, items such as potatoes, onions, petersil. They also have quite a selection of teas and dried goods, like all sorts of colored lentils, split peas, basmati rice, etc. Don’t forget to pick up some rosewater ice cream with the crunchy noodles! They have a wide range of ground spices, too. You can buy some celery and broccoli looking very fresh.

They have Armenian pizza, a manta (soup dumplings), and falafel, to my delight.

They also bring a range of imported cookies (the Israeli chocolate wafer manamim are yummy) and delicious Greek canned vine leaves. They also sell ready-to-take meals: shawarma chicken and lamb, baklava, etc…

They have Halal meats, including goat, veal, sheep, and some unusual cuts, organ meats, liver. You can check out my testicle shot of the lamb! Where else can you find those stuff here in the ‘burbs?! The front of the deli show has olives (you buy a few Kalamata olives) and saffron. A show box with what looks like home-made Turkish Delight is on the table.

You will be amazed by their consistent quality of services. This store is fully stocked, cleaned, and has so many options, particularly in the section on spice and dessert.  Prices are reasonable and they accept credit cards for payment.  They have a wide parking space next to the store.  You can see the entrance at the front & back.

Employees are really polite and supportive. It’s a family-owned company and the people there feel like family. People keep coming back on this amazing place which is tidy, well-lit, and has a variety of popular Persian cooking!

Sunnyvale market has fantastic services. They communicate well. They have timely food deliveries. It’s definitely a must-see whenever your Persian food cravings hit once again!

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