Lunardi’s Markets is a family-owned company with one of its Walnut Creek, California, locations. It has different departments including beef, fish, seafood, wine, deli, and bakery. The poultry products on the store are safe and free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals. The department of liqueurs offers a range of premium spirits and wines.

Alfredo Lunardi, our founder was born in Lucca, Italy. He left his native Italy in 1950, aged 20, to settle in San Francisco. By 1953, Alfredo acquired a local market named “Mother’s Market” in San Francisco located at 23rd and Irving Street. From that simple start, Alfredo eventually opened 8 locations in the Bay area with the help of his sons Ralph and Paul.

“Good people are the key to our success and we have the best in the business,”

Stolzely, Alfredo. “When customers enter Lunardi’s, it’s as though they’re walking into our home. You can feel the connection between their workers and their customers.

The workers are all really friendly and while their rates can be a little higher, you are paying for the better quality products that they sell their customers.

Go to Lunardi’s fresh goods for touring: vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish-good stuff, without a large amount of packaging you can purchase anything. There is a particular service to the butcher and the fishmonger. This is a top-notch store selling items of choice and quality along with a new butcher shop with fish, poultry, and meats. One of the best new and quality product departments to make. A sushi deli available daily, with freshly made pieces.  They’ve finally got delicious local bakery bread. A bakery section with fresh coffee and bagels, pizza, cakes, cookies, and more sell so many baked goods. A fantastic delicacy selling sandwiches, salads, lunch deli meats, cheeses, hot foods such as ham, ribs, and more.

Most people know there’s a deli on the market of Lunardi, it’s just a fantastic deli, really good sandwiches, and a fantastic potato salad from Lunardi. You can’t really get a bad sandwich here, the deli is perfect when you’re in the mood for a nice deli sandwich.

Located on the Lafayette / Walnut Creek / Pleasant Hill surrounding Palos Verdes Mall, they provide plenty of parking and have several other businesses in this area.

To its valued customers … Please know they continue to be transparent and dedicated to serving their great community. Unique Senior Shopping Hours: Senior citizens (65 & Older) and those with disabilities are welcome to shop from 7 am-8 am until further notice on TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS. On these 2 days, they will continue to accept the senior 5 percent discount.

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