When you’re looking to get a natural-looking tan without risking too much sun exposure, spray tanning is the way to go. But if you’ve never tried it before, the process can seem a little daunting. Here are five tips to help make your first spray tan experience as smooth as possible.

Tip #1: Before Your Spray Tan Session, Exfoliate And Shave

A common mistake while preparing for your spray tan appointment is neglecting to exfoliate the skin before applying the tanning solution. This leaves parts of your body looking dull and ‘dirty’ with patches of brown instead of an even color. For men, it’s easy to miss areas while shaving so whole body exfoliation or at least a back shave is recommended before your appointment.

While you are in the shower, be sure that you are washing away any dirt or dead skin cells by using plenty of soap on all gently rubbed areas where you will be spraying. The last thing you want is anything blocking the spray gun from hitting your skin. That will only result in splotchy uneven coverage!

Exfoliating before your spray tan appointment is important to ensure you have a deep, dark color. By removing dead skin cells your new spray tan will appear even and free of imperfections.

And remember  – don’t shave at least 24 hours before coming in for your appointment to allow the solution to settle into the layer underneath the hair follicles – this will give you darker color.

Tip #2: Remember To Put Your Hair Up

Spray tanning works by applying the spray tanning solution to the skin. Spraying this solution close to your hair causes it not only to smell but also prevents the spray tanner from being even.

It’s always best to have your hair pulled back or up before getting a spray tan so you don’t end up with any streaks or spots on your face and neck where some of the solutions will invariably end up.

It is important to have your hair up because it will get on the tan and then you will get marks of where your hair rests. If you don’t, then when your spray tan starts to wear off it will appear as if your hair was just below that area of your body and it won’t be a nice look!

Tip #3: Wear Proper Clothing

It is important to wear proper clothing during your spray tanning appointment because it can ruin your clothes if you were to wear them for 24 hours after the spray tanning. Wearing something with loose-fitting clothing like sweatpants and a t-shirt will definitely be ideal. If you must wear tight-fitted clothing make sure that you tell the aesthetician before the procedure so they can take precautions about it ruining your outfit. 

You need to wear clothes that are easy to remove so that it won’t be a problem getting out of them after the spray tanning session. If you don’t want your spray tan ruined, then think ahead and bring an appropriate outfit to help keep it in tip-top shape.

Tip #4: Paint Your Nails Before Spray Tanning

A natural nail bed is pink. If your nails are painted (with polish or with white tips) the base of your nails will be this color before the spray tanning solution even touches them, affecting how dark they get.

If you’re trying to get a really dark tan on your feet, it’s important for them to be bare; no toe separators (even if these are flesh-colored), and definitely no rings, flip flops, or socks! Foot jewelry like toe separators and toe rings can create air pockets in between the skin of your toes which cause uneven spray tanning results. You need to expose as much skin as possible when having a spray tan so the solution gets everywhere evenly.

Tip #5: Go Lighter

Choosing a lighter spray tanning shade can counteract the orange look sometimes caused by the incorrect application. A lighter spray tan will also fade more evenly, which is beneficial for those who want to maintain their tanned glow without a heavier color correction schedule.

Always choose a lighter shade of spray tan if you plan on going darker in the future as well since too much time between applications can lead to unnatural-looking results. This means applying a lighter coat first and then gradually going darker later on down the road with each subsequent application.

Since you are already spraying your body with chemicals that can cause damage over time when applied incorrectly, why not do it right in the beginning? Getting started off on the right foot gives you better chances of maintaining your perfect glow for longer periods of time.

That’s all there is to it! If you have any other questions or want more tips, don’t hesitate to call us. We offer spray tanning services and we would be happy to help you get the perfect sunless tan. Thanks for reading and we hope this information was helpful. Have a great day!

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