When it comes to laser hair removal, you may be wondering how soon do we see results from the procedure. We all know that the process is not instantaneous, but just how long does it take? The answer depends on many factors such as skin type, the area being treated, and the number of treatments. For example, if someone has light skin with dark hair they will typically see a decrease in hair growth after just one treatment whereas people with darker skin or lighter hair will most likely need more than one treatment for desired results. 

With that said, most patients seen an 80% reduction in hair after just three sessions which often includes six weeks between each session. This means that by the time your sixth session is over you should be seeing significant progress. Read on for more information!

Do You Think You Can Give Me An Estimate?

It takes two or three weeks after your first treatment to notice an improvement and eight to twelve sessions for the desired outcome. You must also keep visits frequent since each hair follicle is at different phases of growth; so it’s important that they all get treated in order to create better results!

  • Improve skin complexion
  • Quick, easy, and painless treatments
  • Less noticeable hair growth over time

Hair Follicles Have Different Phases Of Growth?

You got that right! Hair growth is divided into three phases: the growth phase (Anagen), the transitional phase (Catagen), and the resting phase (Telogen), with hairs, present in each phase at all times. This cycle continues indefinitely, with the length of each cycle varied based on the bodily part.

Laser hair removal is only effective on hairs that are still developing, thus only a small proportion of the hair in the treatment region will be eliminated at any given moment. By now you’ll understand why many sessions are frequently necessary. After roughly three sessions, the results are generally more evident. Knowing this will help you understand the following:

  • Higher treatment success rates by understanding why multiple treatments are necessary.
  • Save time and money because treatments can be spread out over a year-long period. 
  • Effective because only hairs that are developing will be eliminated at any given moment.
  • A proven effective, low-risk solution to unwanted hair.

I Heard It’s Not Effective For People With Darker Skin

Laser hair removal is a popular form of beauty treatment that has been around for decades. Originally, it was only effective on light-colored skin but all types can now benefit from the therapy because there have been innovations in lasers and increased awareness about this procedure over time which helped increase its success rate among people with medium or darker complexions too!

It’s now accessible for people with all skin types and has been proved to be both safe and effective. Because of the risk of burns, lasers couldn’t treat darker skin types in the past, but modern technology allows estheticians to treat all skin types now.

  • Improvements in technology allow people to safely remove unwanted hair without the risk of burns 
  • Outlast any unwanted hair without being disadvantaged by your skin’s complexion


What Happens If I Miss An Appointment?

Missing a laser hair-reduction treatment can slow down results. If you skip a visit in the first round, your progress will likely be lost and it may take more visits for benefits to accumulate again.

When skipping sessions with reduction treatments like this one, follicles have ample time to recover before proceeding on their journey towards new growth – so make sure not only that appointments are still happening but also show up every single maintenance appointment!

  • Lose hair faster and more effectively
  • Get the most out of your sessions
  • Save time by not having to keep visiting multiple times

There Are Maintenance Appointments?

To keep results consistent, the majority of patients schedule maintenance sessions once or twice a year. Touch-ups every six to twelve months will ensure that your hair growth stays stunted or reduced for an extended period without interruption!

  • Strengthens the effect of treatments
  • Keeps results consistent and sustainable
  • Enhances results to be long-term and effective

If you’re considering laser hair removal, we want to tell you that the results are worth it.  So don’t wait! Contact us today so we can help you get started on this journey towards better skin and more self-confidence.

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