What Is Biba Skincare?

Biba de Sousa is a renowned Los Angeles-based esthetician and pharmacist who serves a wide range of skin types and clients in the Los Angeles area. Releasing from her state-of-the-art skin care and treatment facilities at Biba West Hollywood, she has recently developed a groundbreaking skin care line named Esthetic Underground, intended to help her clients preserve optimum skin health at home. The Biba Skin Care Studio is furnished with state-of-the-art facial care equipment, decorated in a romantic and creative French chic style with total comfort and privacy for its guests.

Techniques, methods and natural organic beauty products. Your skin will be rejuvenated with the use of critical cell nutrients and high-tech synergy modalities that will improve skin tolerance to hormonal, environmental and chemical influences. The state-of-the-art skilled skin diagnostic methods would connect your skin to the composition of the substance, making it the best result for you to be attractive and youthful. Specialties include: Acne Facial 1 hour treatment session involves a detailed examination of skin and lifestyle. The clearance rate is around 98 percent w / compliant clients, and it takes as many as 3-6 treatments to clear the skin. For the tween-adults. Important Facial Complex treatment that will display positive improvements in the way the skin looks in just one session, leaving the picture smooth. Along with deep washing, extracting and an effective esthetic massage.  Ultimate Radiance Facial For the client that desires or needs longer treatment, this treatment is a pure indulgence in aromatherapy, lengthy delightful massage and any of the appropriate advanced modalities.

The Owner

Born in former Yugoslavia, She has been steeped in the European tradition of folk medicine and natural remedies for her entire life. Life took her through law school, art school and fascinating detours in antique furniture and interior design, but she finally returned to what she have always loved: the art in healing and aesthetics, the art of touching.

She is an NCEA trained esthetician and a member of SCSS (Society of Dermatological Skin Specialists). Passionate about education and networking, she also talks at esthetic events and contributes to technical publications.

Before beginning her own practice, there was a turning point in her career when it became evident to her that people really wanted high quality and customized skincare services, and that she had to venture on her own. Shortly thereafter, she had a waiting list of 30-50 people who wanted to see her, and that list was rising. As flattering as it may be, she just did not want to grow to the point that the standard of her care will suffer, as so often happens. She is still a woman of business who is growing and she continues to insist on the quality of her life and to learn new techniques and technologies in depth.

In the last few years, it has come to her that she has had to guide her company to a holistic practice, with a strong focus on wellness and fitness. She has the “dewy” and “clear” skin part down, but she has noticed how much un-wellness there is in Los Angeles and in the busy lives of so many women and men and how she actually has the perfect set of skills to help people. That is where she am deepening her practice now.

Her mother was a very vain girl, and she accompanied her to all her appointments and treatments where she fell in love with the beauty industry. And though she had never suffered from acne herself, she had been a devout facial client since she was 14. Over time, as she approached her main career choice, she studied Law and Art and Language, but she still spent much of her time at spas, water treatments and retreats. Twenty-five years ago, it became clear that her love of hands-on disciplines really merged into one: the art of touch, the art of facial care, and the sculpture of clear, beautiful, safe skin.

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Skin care services at Simply Skin Esthetics in downtown Walnut Creek, California are amazing experiences which keep our clients coming back for time after time. Why? Because we care and more importantly we provide skin care treatments that are safe and long-lasting. We care, and it shows in our repeat clientele.  We feature HydraFacial, Ultrasound Facial, Signature Facial, Mens Facial, Express Facial, Treatments/Peels, Teen Facial and Back Facials! Interested in learning more or scheduling your first session? Contact us now to make your appointment!