Walnut Creek Intermediate (WCI) is built on a strong base of support for parents, community engagement, and a deep dedication to providing our students with the best possible instruction. WCI is committed to delivering a demanding and engaging curriculum, using best teaching practices; fostering the pride of our school’s students, staff and community; developing an environment in which students celebrate and value diversity and embrace personal responsibility; using resources to include risky student interventions; and building relationships between students, staff, parents Culturally and ethnically, our culture is both diverse.

This year, Walnut Creek Intermediate revised its Vision and Mission statements to better represent the new Vision and Mission district and also the general community. They are the following:

Vision: Inspiring lifelong learners who are self-reliant, open-minded, and compassionate, who contribute positively to the global community.

Mission: To educate students in an atmosphere that respects diversity in a rigorous, supportive, and engaging environment and encourages imaginative and creative thinking while promoting positive citizenship.

Walnut Creek Elementary School District, located in the central Bay Area, is a TK-8 elementary district. The Walnut Creek neighborhood is a rare mix of areas of commercial, suburban and open space. The district is responsible for meeting the educational needs of six elementary schools and one intermediate school for approximately 3,600 students. In 2015, the sixth elementary school, a K-8 school, opened. Students study mostly in self-contained classrooms in grades TK-5, while students are enrolled in both core and elective courses in grades 6-8.

The School District of Walnut Creek is dedicated to developing educational opportunities that connect, encourage and empower all students. WCSD focuses on developing exceptional educational opportunities in partnership with our community that respect the unique academic, social and emotional needs of students while providing an atmosphere that fosters teamwork, confidence, curiosity, ingenuity, innovation, perseverance, and a passion for learning. WCSD agrees that the following considerations require the development of a learning environment for the 21st century:

  • Facilities that provide connectivity, versatility, and flexibility
  • Practices of educational technology that are infused with scholarly, social and emotional objectives
  • Related curriculum that empowers students to select and express themselves
  • Pedagogical practices which cultivate and support a diverse student population
  • Experiences at lunchtime that foster dietary requirements and social relations

Their mission to connect positively with the world will continue to lead us to becoming a model of educational excellence through exploration, innovation, imagination, leadership and character.

This amazing school is located near the following schools in Walnut Creek, California:

  • Las Lomas High School
  • Northgate High School
  • Contra Costa School Of Performing Arts
  • Acalanes Center For Independent Study
  • Tice Creek
  • Foothill Middle School
  • Eagle Peak Montessori School
  • Valle Verde Elementary School

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location on Boulevard Circle in historic Walnut Creek, California.