Is Spray Tanning Easy To Do?

Spray is the best thing an airbrush can do. You ‘re not going to use their full capacity, your complete ability is not required. Easy to do, does not make looking natural easy. For spray the natural-looking tan, you will practice a lot. Tanning with spray is an easy and healthy way of keeping a good tan. It has no safety disadvantages on the tanning beds and results in personalized, natural looks.

The process is also simple. When using over the counter self tanning products, a few contortions are required to achieve full coverage. When you use a tanning booth, you simply remove your clothes and let the multiple spray guns do the work. In and out in minutes, you’re in the room! You don’t have to think about getting the tanning product on your clothing, bed sheets or your loved ones.

4 Ws You Need to Ask Before You Begin Spray Tanning

Who sprays the tan?

  • People are spraying on their own. Well, normally a buddy or wife sprays that contributes to the lowest cost tan.
  • Owner or employee sprays the client. The best quality tan sprays with the greatest scope for individual requests from an accomplished airbrush engineer.
  • A machine sprays the customer and usually produces the fastest, most consistent tan.

Where is the tan sprayed?

  • Back (in the shower usually). Usually, this is the cheapest tanning spot.
  • In general, tanning salons offer a wide range of options and speed.
  • The best experience is offered by day spas.
  • Dermatologists offer skill. They are especially trained to mask different skin conditions.
  • Mobile service is practical

What equipment do you need?

  • Tan Spray Machine-The right spray for your needs isn’t hard to find.
  • Mix and match – I want to call it Do It Yourself path, but it’s worth the extra straight-forward effort to mix and match your equipment more.
  • Spray Builder Tanning-Builder sets are the same. You do need to learn the fundamentals to find the best combination, but you already have most of the options.

Why spray someone?

Think of your objectives. Think about them. Different people want different things. It is all right to concentrate on cheap, or price, or speed, but know what your priority is to do that. Means:

  • A fast, quality airbrush tan that’s expensive.
  • A cheap, fast spray on tan that won’t be very good.
  • A cheap, quality spray tan, that takes time.

Tips you need to know

A spray tan sounds very easy: simply stretch down and wait for a magical spray to give a sun kissed glow to your whole body. Yet, you can be rewarded with better results if you take some time to plan before your spray session.

  • Exfoliate your skin. Removing those dead skin cells with a good body scrub or sponge will help your tan adhere evenly and will help it last longer.
  • Shave in time. Shave in advance. You are likely to remove color with your hair if you wait until after your spray tan. This also applies to waxing, threading and plucking.
  • Skip your lotion. Skip the lotion. Bare skin is the best: no makeup, lotion, deodorant or other material that can work as an obstacle to the tanning solution of your skin.
  • Clothing loose, dark. Even if you’ll wait for the solution to dry before you leave, some of the spray tanning can rub the clothes off, so avoid white and light items.
  • Paint your nails. Even if you just use a clear topcoat, it prevents you from staining the nails by applying a layer of lacquer on your nails and toenails.

Are You Looking for a Spray Tan You Can Trust?

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