Pizza Oliva is an easygoing pizzeria featuring basic pies with various toppings, plus calzones, wings & sandwiches located at Walnut Creek, California.

This place is great. After you order, it doesn’t take too long to get your meal, but it’s slow enough not to doubt it. The people are really welcoming and sweet. If you want anything off of the menu, they will do it for you. Pizza Oliva is perfect for kids, since the food isn’t too fancy you can just get a basic cheese pizza.

Pizza Oliva is a really nice pizza place in the neighborhood. This is an outstanding thin-crust pizza at a good price for the region. Their pizza with pesto is excellent. It’s good to get great pizza delivered locally and not from a chain restaurant. The meat is delicious and the ingredients are new. The dough itself is light and the distribution of ingredients is right in the entire pie.

Pizza Oliva is different from other pizzerias: their pizzas are delicious and moderately priced, and they come complete with all kinds of meat and vegetables. More essential is the crust, which is never like the cardboard that most other restaurants serve. Pizza Oliva crusts are crusty and crusty and cooked to perfection. It’s hard to knock a place that does just what you want it to do: In this case, serve nice pizzas.

Pizza Oliva is  the best way to go. The prices are very fair and the pizza is very fine. Typically the crust is fine. You can’t always take the bread dough, but these guys have the knack for it. Delivery or pick-up, all work well, just be very clear about your order. But then the rates are very fair. Check out the online vouchers. Not only is the pizza great and hand-baked to perfection, but the owner and the workers are so good and polite.

Nice little family owned take-out and delivery pizza parlor. The staff is lovely and the pizza is delicious. Try their chicken paradise; creamy garlic sauce with delicious chicken goodness. There are online coupons, too.

Pizza Oliva will revive your pizza appetite. It’s three layers of tasty, calorie-worthy goodness. Their crust is perfect: crunchy but still doughy, with a touch of sugar. The sauce is a perfectly balanced mix of spices, not too overpowering, not too sweet, not too acidic.

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