What Not To Do After Waxing?

Once you’ve pulled your dreaded waxing appointment through, you might think it’s all over, but there’s still one important thing left to do: administer some careful post-waxing treatment. After waxing it’s important to follow a few simple guidelines. Just a bit of avoidance will go a long way to save you from some really annoying side effects that might ruin your flawless wax.

The Don’ts of Post-Waxing Care

  • Do Not Touch Freshly Waxed Skin.

The natural skin oils can clog the pores, and the bacteria normally found on your skin may increase the risk of infection. If you want to prevent bumps or other adverse reactions resist the temptation to scratch or touch waxed areas.

  • Do Not Use Oily or Drying Skin Products Immediately.

Which involves dense butter on the body, heavily scented body washes, sprays, lotions, or deodorants. Vaseline and oily products can cover your open pores and cause bumps, while fragrances or dyes can increase the risk of irritation on sensitive, freshly waxed skin.

  • Do Not Pick on Ingrown Hairs.

After waxing, if you encounter ingrown hairs leave them alone for at least 48 hours, then gently exfoliate the waxed region, concentrating on the ingrown. You can then put on an antiseptic cream. Seek a special ingrown hair lotion if exfoliation does not clear the ingrown hair.

  • Do Not Expose Yourself to the Sun.

If you don’t want to run the risk of burns and scarring, make sure to wait at least 48 hours before sun exposure. Freshly waxed skin is very sensitive and has been stripped of its outer protective layer; therefore, in this case, sun exposure could be more damaging than usual. Your skin might also develop hyperpigmentation in the waxed area if you expose yourself to the sun without any protection, which brings us to a very common reminder: wear sunscreen at all times. You can choose a light one after waxing if you’ll be out in the sun at all after waxing.

  • Do Not Go Swimming.

Allow for at least 48 hours after waxing, to swim in the beach or pool. Saltwater may make your skin feel even more sensitive and cause bumps on freshly waxed skin. Apart from the fact that swimming pools can contain bacteria that could cause an infection, chlorine in pool water can also be rough on sensitive skin.

  • Do Not Get Involved in Physical Activity.

Doing no exercise at all might sound extreme just because you’ve just waxed, but it’s just a preventive measure. Sweat (and the bacteria that can thrive in sweaty skin), as well as friction, can cause more damage to your sensitized skin than healthy, so why take the opportunity? Keep it light if you do work out. Avoid sex also after waxing the intimate area of your body for at least 48 hours.

  • Do Not Schedule a Chemical Peeling Appointment.

Waxing has already separated the skin cells from the superficial layer. Peeling would only peel those layers away, over-sensitize the skin and increase the risk of skin damage in the form of inflammation, drying or infections. Wait until the skin has completely healed, that is to say at least 36 to 72 hours.

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