How Does A Skin Care Clinic Treat Acne?

Getting acne can lead to doubt and insecurity, ruining major days in your life-the dream job interview, the day you tie the knot, or the first time you meet “the one.” It’s annoying and very unpleasant in some situations. From pills to creams and ointments, you’ve tried every form of drug out there but it doesn’t last. The acne keeps returning. Don’t lose heart, because our dermatologists have long been able to help you eradicate acne issues.

Deciding on Acne Treatment 

Knowing what degree of acne it is and whether it is hormonal or cystic acne or simply a causal breakout are the most important things to address when treating acne. Four grades of acne exist:

  • Grade 1 (mild): This is mainly restricted, with a few papules and pustules, to whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Grade 2 (moderate or pustular acne): Numerous papules and pustules compose this grade of acne and are often limited to the face.
  • Grade 3 (moderately extreme nodulocystic acne): Papules and pustules and the occasional inflamed nodule are present in this grade. It can also impact the back and the chest.
  • Grade 4 (severe nodulocystic acne): There are several huge, painful pustules and nodules in this acne, and inflammation is often involved.
Steroid Injections

For the forms of acne that cause painful lumps under the surface of the skin (nodules and cysts), steroid injections are most commonly used. It can take weeks for these conditions to be resolved on their own. The pain decreases after steroid injections, lumps flatten, and the skin will clear up within days.

This medication is effective but can cause side effects, including the following:

  • The skin’s thinning
  • Tone of skin that turns lighter than normal

For persistent cysts and nodules, steroid injections are usually used as a temporary or periodic fix. Because of the potential side effects and the need for regular medical visits, they are not used for treating widespread acne.

Light therapy

A type of bacteria that can be destroyed by exposing the skin to various forms of light is responsible for the redness and swelling that can occur with acne. Your doctor can apply a drug to your skin before the procedure to make it more sensitive to light (photosensitizers). For several treatments, you might need to see your doctor.

Blue light, red light or a combination might be used for your treatments. To determine the best methods for treating acne with light, further study is required. With pulsed light and heat energy, acne bacteria can also be destroyed. These treatments can also cause oil (sebaceous glands to shrink, reducing the production of oil.

In the treated areas, potential light therapy side effects include:

  • Redness
  • Peeling and crusting
  • Skin Tone Changes
  • Sunlight sensitivity
  • Pain
Drainage and extraction

To extract cysts, whiteheads and blackheads, your doctor might use special instruments. This temporarily enhances the skin’s appearance, although it may also cause scarring.

Chemical Peels

For people with moderate acne, chemical peels may slightly improve the appearance of the skin. Traditionally, this technique has been used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, and mild facial scars.

Over-the-counter chemical peels that dermatologists use are not usable. Your doctor applies a gentle chemical solution to your skin during a chemical peel. This solution allows pores to be unblocked and dead skin cells, whiteheads, and blackheads removed. New skin growth may also be produced by a chemical peel. For the best results, you’ll probably need multiple treatments that are not long-lasting. Redness, scabbing, swelling, scaling, crusting and changes in skin color are possible side effects.

Talk to your doctor about the hazards of chemical peels, especially if you:

Have skin that appears to form exaggerated (keloids) scar tissue

  • The oral acne drug isotretinoin (Myorisan, Claravis, others) has been used over the past six months.
  • Are pregnant
  • Had serious or regular outbreaks of cold sores

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