What Should I Ask My Esthetician Before Getting A Facial?

Whether it’s your very first facial or the 100th, it never hurts to get to know your aesthetician and ask them some smart questions that can make the whole process more enjoyable, educational and satisfying. Here are six must-ask questions for your aesthetician that will ensure that you have a great deal of experience. 

  1. What kind of training or experience do you have?

While licensed aestheticians are all required to carry out certain educational and practical experience, not all of them have necessarily had the same training or experience— and it is up to you to know exactly why or how your particular aesthetician is qualified to treat you. Some may have taken some additional courses in addition to their basic training or have been mentored by more experienced professionals. Plus, you’ll get a better sense if they have more know-how and skill to get your facial regimen right for the first time, and if their skin philosophy fits your specific needs.

  1. How is my skin going to look today, tomorrow and next week?

You want to know how your skin will look after your treatment session. Some treatments may cause excessive redness and irritation as your skin works to heal itself, and you may need to be home-bound for up to a week. With gentler treatments, you may be perfectly fine to do your regular work right away. In the meantime, treatments, in particular the use of acidic exfoliants, may require you to avoid the sun. Well, a good aesthetician will let you know that anyway, but in any case, it’s good to ask this question.

  1. How do you know what facials and procedures are best for my skin?

An experienced esthetician will take your unique skin into account and ask you a few questions to determine which type of treatment is best. It’s best to be honest with them about your type of skin and how you take care of it at home. It can also be particularly helpful to let them know about any allergies and medications. Having this knowledge will help your esthetician to give you the most customized and best treatment possible.

  1. What is your method of extraction?

Not all aestheticians use the same extraction method. Some people use a tool to extract blackheads; others use gloves and their own fingers. Depending on your type of skin, it is important to know the type of extraction method that your aesthetician will use to give you the most benefit. Some extraction methods are more aggressive than others, and if you have sensitive skin, they can lead to irritation that can make your skin worse or cause damage, such as scarring, broken capillaries or discolouration.

  1. How can I make the extractions more enjoyable?

If you’re afraid of the extraction process (because honestly, sometimes it can be painful), this question will help you know how to prepare your skin for the process to make it a little easier for you. If you know there’s a facial appointment coming up, make sure you stay hydrated inside and out. This means drinking plenty of water and moisturizing often at least a few days before your appointment. More options may be recommended by your esthetician.

  1. Why didn’t you extract all the blackheads?

You may notice that not all of your blackheads have necessarily been removed, and that may give you a pause. The truth is that it may be impossible to remove every single blackhead, especially if there are a lot of them. Your esthetician may have determined that removing all of them may take too long or be too hard on your skin, causing irritation. In the meantime, some blackheads are very stubborn and may be too difficult to remove without causing scarring or infection.

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