Are you ready to learn all about spray tanning and its many benefits? Wondering what kind of information is out there on its history, development and even some surprising facts? Then this factsheet is perfect for you! What are the origins of spray tanning, and how has this technology developed over the years? What are some of the techniques used, and who are the main beneficiaries of these products? From indoor sunless tanners to airbrush devices, there is a huge variety available on the market – but what makes them so special? How have dermatologists responded to using this type of product and what kind of health criteria must be met when applying it?  Explore all these questions – plus many more – as we delve into the world of spray tanning with 101 amazing facts.

We know finding facts and figures about Spray Tanning can be time-consuming and frustrating, so we put together this list of the top 101 facts, notes, and statistics so you can easily reference them and refer back to them any time in the future.  This space is constantly changing, so if you see a fact that is not up-to-date, feel free to let us know. And if you know a stat that we should add, let us know that too!

1. Pradas And Evans Believe That Exfoliating Before A Tan Is One Of The Greatest Methods To Make It Last.

Pradas and Evans recommend exfoliating to extend your tan. This method removes dead skin cells, making your spray tan stick better. To maintain your radiance, it’s crucial. Moisturize afterward to keep your skin supple and hydrated so you can enjoy your golden glow all summer!

2. Tan Without Anything On Your Skin.

“A clean canvas is always best,” advised Pradas. “Avoid wearing perfume, creams, lotions, deodorant, and makeup before your spray tanning appointment.”

3. Evans Says A Good Tan Costs $75 To $120 In New York, While Pradas Says Spray Tans Cost $25 To $500.

Good tans can be costly, but prices vary. Evans says a good tan in New York costs $75–120. For individuals who don’t have time for the beach, Pradas claims spray tans cost $25–$500. Sunscreen and UV protection are essential whether you go outside or use the spray.

4. Spray Tanning Is The Safest And Healthiest Way To Tan.

When it comes to achieving a sun-kissed glow, you don’t have to compromise your skincare routine anymore. Spray tanning is a great way of maintaining glowing skin all year round without having to worry about the damaging effects of UV rays.

5. Utilize A Product With A High Concentration Of DHA.

Most sunless tanning lotions use dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to temporarily darken the skin by reacting with dead skin cells. Most high street bottles contain 3-5% DHA and professional formulations 5-20%. Tans last longer with larger percentages.

6. Moisturizing Before And After Tanning Will Assist Maintain The Color And Slow Fading.

To lock in moisture and color, moisturize your entire body after showering. Only moisturize problem areas like knuckles, elbows, knees, and ankles before tanning. Fake tan sticks to drier places but rests well on product-free skin.

7. DHA Is The Primary Component In Spray-Tan Formulations, According To Jules Von Hep.

This combines with your amino acids to provide the appearance of a suntan. DHA is like milk. Consider whole, skim, 1%, and organic milk as examples.

8. Alexandra Dimarchi, Global Tanning Expert For Tan-Luxe, Says, “Lifestyle, Beauty/Skincare Routine, And Pre- And Post-Tan Care Affect Tan Duration.”

9. A Temporary Head-To-Toe Tan Costs $50–$75.

Getting a temporary head-to-toe tan can be a great way to give your skin an immediate boost of color. If you’re looking for something more affordable that goes beyond bronzer, then this can be the perfect solution. The cost may vary between $50 and $75 for a single session, which is surprisingly budget friendly for something that looks like the real thing. 

10. Salon Spray Tans Restore Your Sun-Kissed Look Without Risking Your Health.

If you find yourself missing the sun-kissed look of a summer tan, then look no further than a salon spray tan! Ditch baking in the sun, or worse, using a tanning bed, and opt for a safer, healthier option. Salon spray tans provide all of the perks without any of the risks: you’ll be glowing in no time with no fear of health complications. 

11. UV Exposure And UV Radiation Can Accelerate The Skin’s Aging Process.

UV exposure and UV radiation may be giving you wrinkles before your time without you even knowing it. Spending too much time in the sun without adequate protection not only puts us at risk for sunburns but can prematurely age our skin and contribute to the development of wrinkles, sagging skin, and brown spots.

12. The Quickest Method To Achieve A Sun-Kissed Tone Without Sun Damage Is Sunless Tanning.

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to achieve a beautiful golden glow without the risks of sun damage! Sunless tanning gives you the opportunity to even out skin tones and have an effortlessly bronzed complexion. With so many formulas like creams, mousses, lotions, gels, sprays and more, it’s never been easier to naturally bronze and maintain healthy skin. 

13. Sunless Tanning Is Safer Than UV Tanning.

UV tanning causes various skin cancers. Sunless tanning is a great way to get bronzed. Sunless tanning solutions use the coloring chemical DHA, which reacts with amino acids in the skin to create a false bronzed glow. UV rays penetrate deep into the skin, whereas DHA merely browns the outermost cell layer.

14. The Active Ingredient (DHA) Is Available In Various Strengths.

All sunless tanning products, including our LuxeBody Tan and our sister firm Cayman Spray Tan, include DHA in different concentrations. The tan grows faster and darker with more DHA. LuxeBody Tan’s spray tan is normally 10–14% DHA for a medium-dark shine.

15. Everyone Can Get A Sunless Tan.

The purpose of self-tanning without UV rays is to achieve a healthy glow that complements the complexion, not to darken it. Achieving a natural-looking, sun-kissed hue might result in a variety of advantages.

16. A Superb Self-Tan Requires Adequate Preparation And Aftercare.

To prepare for a tan, exfoliate your skin to create a dry layer. A splotchy tan can result from dead, dry, uneven skin. Avoid moisturizer, fragrances, and makeup that block tanning products. To allow the tan set, don’t exercise or bathe for 8 hours after tanning. For a long-lasting tan, use a non-greasy, perfume-free lotion.

17. A Properly Maintained Tan Can Last Up To 7 Days.

Getting a tan can be a great way to add some visual interest to your skin. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it lasting, as with proper maintenance it can last all week long!

18. Alternative To Professional Salons Is Self-Tanner.

Self-tanner is perfect if you can’t go on vacation, can’t see your spray tan professional, or want to save money. To measure reactions and mastery, start with the face or arms. Some applications persist two weeks before fading.

19. Spray Tanning Maintains A Healthy, Youthful Glow Year-Round.

Spray tanning is a great way to maintain a healthy and youthful glow without soaking up the UV rays of the sun. It relies on DHA, which is a safe ingredient that interacts with the proteins in your skin to temporarily darken it for an ultra-natural looking tan. This means you can get that warm summer glow without risking any long-term skin damage from repeated exposure to the sun.

20. Coco Chanel Introduced Tanning In 1923.

21. In The 1950s, University Of Cincinnati Researcher Eva Wittgenstein Accidentally Developed Spray Tanning.

22. Spray Tans Are Safer Than UV Tanning Booths.

With the increasing awareness of the potential dangers associated with UV tanning booths, more and more people are turning to at-home or professional spray tans as a safer alternative. Unlike sun tanning where UV rays may damage your skin over time, spray tans are applied topically on the skin’s surface with no risk of ultraviolet exposure. 

23. Spray Tans Are The Fastest And Easiest Tanning Procedure.

Spray tans have become increasingly popular in recent years because they offer an easy and convenient way to achieve the bronzed look. Unlike using a tanning bed or basking in the sun, you won’t spend hours of your day just to receive a bit of color on your skin!

24. Spray Tans Are Affordable.

Although sunbathing is still the cheapest option to obtain a tan, the safety, convenience, and efficiency of spray tans, which cost roughly $25, are worth considering.

25. Spray Tanning Has Exploded In Popularity Since It Was First Introduced In The Late 1990s.

People from various walks of life, from celebrities to businesswomen, have recognized its effectiveness. And from the looks of it, this tanning technique is not going anywhere soon. If you have not yet discovered the wonders of spray tanning, you should get one immediately. You won’t regret it.

26. Sunscreen Or Moisturizer With SPF Protects The Skin More Effectively During Tanning.

Protecting your skin while tanning is essential to avoid painful burns and skin damage. Sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF (sun protection factor) provides the best defense when you’re out in the sun.

27. Reducing Sun Exposure In Later Years Reduces The Risk Of Developing Cancer.

Reducing sun exposure is an easy way to prevent getting skin cancer. Wearing a hat and long-sleeved clothing when you go outside, particularly during the peak hours, can significantly reduce your chances of developing this disease. 

28. Green And Blue Eyes Are Particularly Vulnerable To UV Rays And Require More Protection; Choose Your Sunglasses Carefully.

In general, protecting your eyes from the sun is important, but if you’re a proud owner of either green or blue eyes then it’s especially so and you need to take extra care. The problem with these two colors is that their irises lack melanin, meaning they absorb more ultraviolet light than other colors do. 

29. Vitamin D Is Crucial For Human Health. In Short, Measured Amounts, The Sun Nourishes The Body.

We all know that getting some healthy sunshine is important, but many don’t realize just how crucial it really is. Vitamin D helps keep our bones and teeth healthy and strong, strengthens our immune system, boosts energy levels and mood, and even helps with weight management. 

30. A Brief Exposure To Sunlight Decreases Blood Pressure.

Recent medical research has discovered that a brief exposure to sunlight helps improve human health, specifically reducing blood pressure. 

31. Some Sunscreen Creams Are Now Drinkable, Which Doesn’t Sound Particularly Appetizing, But We’re Keeping An Eye Out For This Development To Become Popular.

Sunscreen creams that can be taken orally are gaining more attention by the day as a convenient and innovative way of protecting our skin from ultraviolet radiation. This doesn’t sound too delicious, but with this breakthrough in technology, it may become an indispensable part of our regular health regimen. 

32. A Spray Tan Covers Skin Flaws And Serves As Full-Body Makeup.

Spray tans are ideal for people who have uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks, varicose veins, pimples, or other skin abnormalities because the product covers these imperfections.

33. Exfoliating Your Entire Body And Not Shaving Before Your Spray Tan Will Yield Great Results.

A thorough shower exfoliation at least 12 hours before your spray tan ensures the greatest results and even application. Using a body scrub like EVER Polish Lemon Sugar Scrub removes dry, rough spots, grime, pollutants, and dead skin cells. This exposes your silky-smooth skin, preparing it for your spray tan.

34. Advanced Spray Tans Contain Skin-Friendly Organic Chemicals.

Advanced spray tanning technologies, such as those created by VersaSpa, typically contain at least 98% organic chemicals. You may not have known that, in addition to DHA, spray tanning solutions frequently contain skin-beneficial chemicals. Included in these components are walnut extract, aloe, ginger root extract, green tea leaf extract, green algae, avocado oil, and grape seed extract.

35. Modern Spray Tanning Facilities Include Prep Spray And Moisturizing Spray In What Is Known As A “Multi-Session.”

When you go for a spray tan nowadays, you can anticipate being given multiple sessions. This is when a skin-perfecting “prep” spray, the actual spray tan, and a moisturizing moisturizer spray are applied.

36. If You Use Self-Tanning Spray, You Will Not Look Orange.

The latest state-of-the-art technology utilized in sunless tanning products is intended to produce a natural, bronze tan that does not appear orange. In addition to balancing your skin’s pH, the pre-tan spray ensures that your tan will be bronze, not orange.

37. Spray Tans Last 5–10 Days After Showering.

Avoid swimming to extend its life (especially in chlorine.) A dip is OK, but prolonged water exposure will erase your spray tan. Daily moisturizing prevents dead skin cells from shedding, prolonging the tan. Avoid long, hot showers. Avoid loofas and exfoliation. After showering, pat dry instead of rubbing.

38. Spray Tanning Can Make One Appear Slimmer And More Toned.

It is normal for spray tan enthusiasts to receive compliments that they appear to have lost weight. In a recent survey conducted by Sienna X on tanning trends, 86% of women reported feeling instantaneously more confident about their bodies after receiving a spray tan, and nearly two-thirds of respondents reported feeling smaller and more toned as well.

39. Inhaling DHA While Receiving A Spray Tan Is Dangerous.

Spray tans are safe, but you still need to be safe. Avoid inhaling during the spray tan. Most spray tan booths feature a voice guide that tells you when the color will be sprayed, so you can hold your breath. Wear bikini bottoms, Vaseline on your lips, eye goggles, nose plugs, and ear plugs. This protects all your mucous membranes during the session.

40. Even If You Have A Spray Tan, You Can Still Tan In The Sun.

Numerous individuals obtain a spray tan before a vacation, primarily because they are afraid to appear pasty white in a bikini at the pool. When you have a spray tan, you can still obtain a “genuine” tan from the sun, as well as a sunburn. Regardless, be sure to use ample amounts of sunscreen.

41. Spray Tans Are For All Individuals.

Spray tanning doesn’t darken skin; it adds radiance. A sun-kissed radiance has several benefits. Tanning can boost confidence by warming your skin, but it’s not necessary.

42. Swimming In Chlorine Pools Degrades A Spray Tan Rapidly.

You want your spray tan to last. If you swim often, chlorine can affect your tan. Chlorine degrades spray tans and shortens their lifespan. Avoid chlorinated pools to keep your spray tan looking great!

43. Since The 1970s, DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), The Primary Ingredient In All Sunless Tanners, Has Been FDA-Approved For External Use.

44. Spray Tans Of Today Are As Subtle And Refined As Ever.

Spray tans have come a long way since their debut in the beauty world! Nowadays they’re much more tailored to specific skin tones and subtle enough to provide natural-looking results.

45. All Spray Tans Include The Same Active Component, However They Vary In Percentage.

In general, the higher the concentration of DHA, the faster (and darker) the spray tan will develop.

46. 2 Weeks Is Typically Sufficient For A Spray Tan To Form And Then Disappear Owing To The Skin’s Natural Exfoliation.

If you want a suntan without the risk, then spray tanning is the way to go! It gives your skin an even and sun-kissed look that only takes 2 weeks to achieve. You can come out with a bronze tone without having to worry about UV damage or extreme heat. 

47. Exfoliation Is Essential For Achieving Optimal Results With Self-Tanner.

Exfoliation helps eliminate dead skin cells, thereby revealing the underlying layer of healthy skin. This skin is prepped and prepared to absorb the tanning solution evenly and thoroughly. This means that your tan will be more consistent for longer.

48. Lotions And Oils Can Serve As Tan Repellents.

It acts as a barrier to prevent the tanning solution from reacting with the skin’s amino acids.

49. Maintaining Moisturized Skin Will Ensure That The Tan Remains Even.

Keeping your skin moisturized is an essential aspect of keeping a tan looking even and glowing. When our skin is hydrated, the color of the self-tanner will last longer and look better, making sure you stay bronzed to perfection.

50. If Going Naked Makes You Uncomfortable, You Don’t Have To.

A spray-tan salon is a judgment-free zone, but you can wear a bathing suit or underpants if you find the idea of being completely naked a little intimidating.

51. Before Receiving A Spray Tan, You Should Not Use Lotions Or Take A Shower.

Before you get a tan spray, make sure to skip the lotions and showers. If you apply any type of moisturizers or oils to your skin beforehand, they can act like a barrier between the tanning solution and your body which will lead to an uneven result.

52. Dihydroxyacetone Gives Your Spray Tan Color (Sometimes Referred To Simply As DHA).

It reacts with the amino acids in your skin and gradually turns gold.

53. Spray Tans Are Often Done Topless Or Nude, Although Your Therapist Will Offer Disposable Briefs.

54. You Must Shave At Least 12 Hours In Advance.

Shaving before a spray tan may seem obvious, but doing it too soon can irritate your skin. Shaving gently exfoliates sensitive fresh skin cells. Spray tan pigment DHA reacts with those sensitive cells and can cause considerable redness and pain. Shave 12–24 hours before your appointment.

55. Alcohol Is A Frequent Component Of Several Self-Tanning Sprays.

The liquid functions as a diluent, allowing the self-tanner to flow into the required fine mist for application. However, alcohol is extremely harmful to your spray tan, causing the pigment to crack and your skin to appear quite dry.

56. Salons With Adequate Ventilation Are The Safest.

Select a salon carefully because inhaling spray tan products is harmful. Look at the room you’ll be in—if there’s spray tan formula on the walls and it looks dirty, the salon is badly maintained and poorly ventilated. Request an LVLP machine from your technician to avoid inhaling overspray. Finally, seek a protected nose and eyewear.

57. It Is Not A Base Tan.

A spray tan does not affect your body’s melanin, which tans your skin naturally. Getting a “base tan” to prevent sunburn is a myth. “Looking tan doesn’t mean you won’t burn,” Protect your skin and faux-glow with a lightweight sunscreen.

58. The Chlorine Bleaches Your Tan.

A quick dip in the pool will not destroy your tan, but prolonged exposure to chlorinated water will. Chlorine, which is a type of bleach, will completely remove your tan. After getting a spray tan, it is advisable to minimize your swimming time and pat dry as soon as you come out of the water.

59. You Should Not Excessively Apply Lotions. 

Some salons may advocate applying heavy lotions and body butters to extend the life of your spray tan, but this is not the greatest advice because the moisture in these products will cause your glow to fade more quickly. Utilize a lightweight lotion and only moisturize as necessary.

60. The Turnover Of Cells Diminishes A Tan.

Everybody’s tan lasts a slightly different length of time, and it usually has nothing to do with the product. The speed at which your cells turn over has a huge effect on how long your tan will last; the younger you are, the faster your cells turn over, which causes your tan to fade more quickly. 

61. You Can’t Sustain A Spray Tan.

It would be nice if spray tans could be maintained like eyebrows or roots, but they don’t. If you spray a new tan over an existing one, it will look patchy—darker where the old tan remains and lighter where it’s faded off. Enjoy your tan for one and a half weeks before removing it and starting over.

62. There Is A Remedy For A Poor Tan.

63. Sunless Tanning Products Offer Your Skin A Tan Without Uv Exposure.

Without having to spend hours in the sun, sunless tanning products enable you to achieve the golden glow you’ve desired. You may give your skin a non-UV-enhanced tan in a number of ways, ranging from lotions and creams to aerosol sprays.

64. Lotions, Creams, And Sprays Are Common Sunless Tanning Products.

65. Customized Airbrush Tanning Costs $50 Per Session, Whereas Generic Spray Tans Cost $25–$50+.

66. Spray Tans Can Be Used Externally But Not Ingested.

Spray tans prevent sunburns. They give skin a natural-looking tan without UV exposure at a fraction of the expense. It’s tempting to eat this stuff, but it’s not made for that. Many spray tans contain colors and chemicals that are unsafe to consume.

67. Typically, Spray Tanning Results Last Approximately One Week.

68. Sunless Tanning Using Tanning Beds Produces The Same Skin Pigmentation As Sunbathing.

Tanning beds are a popular way to get a golden tan without going outside, but they can be dangerous. Sunless tanning with a tanning bed provides the same skin pigmentation as sunbathing, although both pose skin cancer risks. Wear sunscreen and talk to a dermatologist about the risks of indoor tanning versus outdoor activities.

69. Tanning Beds Cost $20–$50 Each Use.

70. Tanning Bed UV Rays Can Damage Skin Similarly To Natural Sunshine, According To Studies.

If you limit your tanning bed time, space out your trips, and use a tanning bed lotion, you should be alright. The World Health Organization has stated that tanning beds increase Melanoma risk.

71. Tanning Bed Results Last Up To 10 Days, Therefore Maintenance Visits Are Usually Needed.

72. Before Your Spray Tan, Wax Or Shave At Least Twenty-Four Hours Beforehand.

Before you indulge in a spray tan and treat yourself to that summer glow, it’s important to remember that good prep is key. For the best results, make sure you wax or shave at least a day before your appointment.

73. No Moisturizer Or Makeup Should Be Applied Before Your Spray Tan.

Applying moisturizer and cosmetics before a spray tan may seem clever, but it can ruin it. Applying anything to your skin before tanning forms a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution, preventing appropriate absorption and color retention.

74. Do Not Wear Makeup Or Jewelry To Your Appointment For A Spray Tan.

Spray tan guidelines are vital. Leave jewelry and cosmetics at home for the finest tan. To maintain your golden glow, avoid chemicals and metals that react with tanning pigment. Wearing fewer clothes to the appointment helps you avoid uneven areas and streaking!

75. Do Not Exercise Or Sweat Excessively After Receiving A Spray Tan, Since It May Hinder The Growth.

76. After Receiving A Spray Tan, Avoid Leather Until You Have Bathed; It Will Stain.

If you love getting spray tans and want to make them last as long as possible, it’s important to prevent potential staining caused by leather surfaces.

77. After Your Spray Tan Exfoliate After 5 – 6 Days If You Need To.

78. When Used Properly, Topical Sunless Tanning Solutions Are Safe.

Sunless tanning is a great approach to achieve a tan without UV exposure. With so many alternatives, choosing the right product and applying it properly is crucial. Sunless tanning will be nearly trouble-free if you choose a good solution and follow the directions.

79. The FDA Has Approved DHA For Skin Application.

80. Spray Tanning Increases Confidence.

Everyone is aware that a spray tan will enhance their appearance in clothing. But what most people don’t realize is how crucial it can be for them to feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror without makeup.

81. Spray Tanning Is Instant And Expedient.

82. The Best Aspect Is That When Your Skin Gets Darker, It Appears To Be Healthier.

Spray tanning is finally recognized as one of the healthiest tanning methods. Sunless tanning benefits shocked people. Now that spray tan benefits are more commonly known, people can experience the benefits of a suntan without the hazards.

83. You Can Achieve A Nice Tan Without Breaking The Bank.

Spray tanning is relatively inexpensive when compared to other aesthetic procedures. In addition, numerous bargains and discounts are available.

84. Spray Tanning Is Ideal For Formal Events.

If you have an impending occasion and wish to look your best, a spray tan might assist you in achieving the desired appearance.

85. Spray Tanning Is A Rapid And Simple Method Of Tanning.

Tans require time, sometimes hours, to achieve. A spray tan, however, can be applied in minutes.

86. A Tan Might Make You Appear Slimmer.

A dark tan may give the appearance of a thinner figure.

87. Spray Tanning Can Be Difficult And Messy To Apply.

Without prior experience, spray tanning can be difficult to apply uniformly. And improper application can result in an uneven and blotchy tan.

88. Although Spray Tanning Is Less Expensive Than Other Tanning Treatments, It Is Not Free.

Depending on the location, the cost of a spray tan can range from $20 to $100. And if you wish to keep your tan, you will need to have it reapplied every few weeks, which can be costly.

89. It May Not Always Appear Natural.

Spray tanning may not be the greatest option if you like a natural appearance. The color might occasionally appear orange or artificial, making it difficult to achieve a uniform hue.

90. It Can Be Smelly.

Some individuals dislike the odor of spray tanning treatments. And if you do not shower immediately following your session, the odor can remain on your skin.

91. Spray Tans Are Not Healthy For Your Skin.

Although a spray tan is safer than sun exposure, the solution’s ingredients can still cause skin damage. Consider an alternate alternative if you have sensitive skin.

92. Avoid Using Deodorant Before Your Spray Tan Because It Limits Absorption.

If you’re getting your spray tan, it’s important to avoid using deodorant beforehand. The reason? It can actually limit the absorption of the spray tan, leading to an uneven outcome that no one wants. 

93. Avoid Getting Wet For 1 To 2 Hours After A Spray Tan.

After getting a spray tan, you’ll want to avoid getting wet for 1 to 2 hours so that the tan does not wash off. 

94. For At Least 12 Hours Following Your Spray Tan, Avoid Baths And Chlorinated Pool Swimming.

If you’re planning on getting a spray tan, it’s important to remember that afterward, you’ll need to be extra careful with your skin. Avoid taking baths or swimming in chlorinated pools for at least 12 hours after the tan has been applied to your body. These two activities can strip the color from your tan and make it look dull or streaky.

95. Using A Tan Extender Daily Helps Lengthen The Duration Of Your Tan.

Did you know that using a tan extender on a regular basis will help you get more out of your sun-kissed glow? Not only does it keep your skin healthy and hydrating, but the tan extenders also contain extra bronzers so that you have a deeper, more natural-looking tan. 

96. Due To Regular Washing And Makeup Use, Your Face Will Fade First.

97. To Prolong Your Spray Tan, Avoid Band-Aids, Pore-Strips, And Facial Masks.

If you’re looking to extend the life of your perfect spray tan, there are a few simple things to avoid. Band-aids, pore-strips, and facial masks obstruct the skin from breathing properly, preventing your spray tan from lasting its full life cycle. 

98. Spray Tanning, A Safer Alternative To Tanning, Is Popular In 2023.

2023 spray tanning is popular. It’s a simple option to tanning without solar damage or inconsistent color. There are many at-home spray tan kits for beginners, and many beauty establishments provide it. Many people use spray tanning to look beachy and summer-ready without risking their skin!

99. Spray Tanning Technology Has Improved, Making It Easier And More Accessible For All Skin Types And Tones.

Spray tanning has advanced, and it shows. With new formulas for different skin types and tones, it’s easier than ever to retain a sun-kissed complexion year-round.

100. Customers Can Choose A Spray Tan Based On Length And Intensity.

With length and intensity options, choosing the right tan is easier than ever. There’s a temporary tan that’s ideal for one night or several weeks. Spray tans offer a wide range of shades, from deep bronze to natural.

101. Redness And Itching Are Common Spray Tan Side Effects.

Most folks seek a healthy tan without sun exposure. Spray tans are a safer way to get a sun-kissed look without permanent damage. Most beauty treatments will have side effects. If you have sensitive skin or choose a dark spray tan, redness and itching are frequent. Preparing your skin before treatment reduces post-treatment discomfort.