10 Things You Need To Know About Facials

The face is the most important feature of the human body. It’s also one of the first things people notice about you. I’m sure you know that already, but it’s worth repeating because we all want to look our best. That means taking care of your skin and keeping up with basic hygiene practices like washing your face regularly with a gentle cleanser and moisturizing regularly as well. But what if you need more? Maybe your skin isn’t responding to topical treatments or maybe you just want something different for your skin type? One of the best options for a skincare routine is facial treatments, which include facials. Read on below for 10 things every customer needs to know before getting their next facial:

1. There are Different Types of Facials.

A facial treatment can help with any number of issues like acne or wrinkles and what you get will depend on what your esthetician thinks you need. The most common types are deep cleansing facials that involve exfoliation to remove dead cells and extractions to remove blackheads and whiteheads, facials that use serums or masks, pimple-targeted facials where extractions are done to help reduce the size of a breakout.

  • Your skin will thank you after your first treatment
  • They’re good for any number of skin issues

2. Inform Your Esthetician About Your Medication History.

The medications you take can affect how your skin reacts to a facial. Ingredients in birth control, cardiac medications, antihistamines, and acne treatments can make your skin more sensitive to the ingredients commonly found in facials.

  • Don’t let your medication affect your skincare routine
  • Let your esthetician customize a facial for you
  • Receive sensitivity training right when you book your appointment

3. Get Your Facial a Week Before a Special Event.

You should get a facial at least once or twice every month. The best time to do so is one week before an event, but it’s also beneficial if you want glowing skin during the winter months when dryness and dullness are more common. Facials can increase your skin’s sensitivity for up to three days after treatment, so don’t have any appointments following right on its heels—let your pores recover from what they’ve been put through. You might consider getting your first facial with someone who specializes in sensitive skin because their treatments will be tailored just for you!

4. Refrain From Getting a Wax and a Facial on the Same Day.

If you have a wax appointment on one day followed by your facial the next, be sure to get some downtime in between (at least 12-48 hours) so that skin has healed. You should avoid combining waxing with any other type of exfoliation as it can lead to increased irritation.

5. Make Sure to Show Up to a Facial Appointment with a Bare Face.

Yes, no makeup, no creams, just your bare face. It takes a long time to remove makeup. Those few minutes spent removing your makeup could have been used for essential facial treatments.

6. Breakouts are Common.

There are minor breakouts after a facial and then there are abnormal breakouts. If your facial is done by an amateur or does the removal of dirt, oil, bacteria, and makeup left behind these can increase the risk of breaking out.

While you may not feel the need to try facials again, you still have options. You can either find a new aesthetician or clinic for your next facial or a different day of the week for your first experience.

7. Make Sure to Exfoliate.

There is a small chance you will break out after a facial. If your skin isn’t used to exfoliating, any excess oil may be pushed out of the pores. This will result in more sebum production and could lead to the development of some pimples or other blemishes. To prevent this, continue to exfoliate at home on a regular basis and avoid using topical acne medication before getting a facial.

8. Avoid Exposure to UV Rays

In order to get the most out of your next facial, avoid using sunbeds or tanning booths at least a week before you schedule an appointment. Sun damage is the number one cause of aging so wear sunscreen every day.

9. Consider Booking a Pre-facial Appointment

Most spas require all customers to fill out a questionnaire that can help reveal quite a bit about their skin. But if you’re confused about which service is best for you, consider booking a 15-minute consultation prior to your appointment. This way the aesthetician can sit down with you and talk about your skin concerns. This is also a good time for your aesthetician to look at your skin under a magnifying lamp which can give the professional a close-up look and determine your needs.

10. Extractions Hurt a Lot But There are Clinics That Offer Painless Facials

Extractions are exactly what they sound like: the process of squeezing plugs from pores. Removing these clogs prevents pimples and clarifies skin. The aesthetician generally uses a small stainless steel tool or her fingers to do this deed—depending on where the pore is located. Be aware of the sensitive areas on your face when an esthetician focuses on them. You might shed a tear or two at this point, but don’t worry—it’s worth it!

There are a lot of different types of facials and it’s important to know what you want out of your facial before booking an appointment. Some people prefer the relaxing effect while others may be looking for more results-oriented treatments. Facial appointments can also vary in price depending on which type is chosen, so make sure to do some research beforehand if budgeting is a concern. One thing that all facials have in common though, no matter what kind they are or how much they cost, is cleanliness!

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