What Are The Side Effects Of Facial Treatments?

When done correctly, facials will remove dirt and bacteria from your pores while also enhancing the overall appearance and feel of your skin. However, this facial treatment can have drawbacks that leave the skin looking less than attractive. Before undertaking any operation, consult your skincare specialist to ensure that it is appropriate for your skin type and to verify the credentials of the esthetician who will be conducting the procedure. The majority of side effects are self-limiting, but more serious reactions can necessitate medical treatment.

Redness and Irritation

Redness and blotchy skin are the most common side effects of a facial. This could be due to the exfoliation pressure and any extractions, or it could be due to any of the ingredients used during the procedure. Allow your skin to recover by not wearing makeup or using any other products on it for the first day or two after your facial. Avoid getting a facial three days before a major event where you want to look your best.


There is a chance of harming the outer layer of your skin when aestheticians use their fingertips or instruments to remove impurities from your pores. Extractions done too violently will result in cuts and bleeding. A technician who is inexperienced or untrained in extractions will harm your skin, making it vulnerable to infection or, in the worst-case scenario, scarring. Make sure your facialist is wearing gloves to protect you and reduce the risk of infection.


During the facial, the facialist will definitely exfoliate the skin to add the freshest layer of skin to the surface. However, harsh exfoliation can dry out and irritate your skin. To tackle dryness, use a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer on a regular basis. After your facial, avoid going outside in the sun because UV rays will aggravate dry skin even more.


Bacteria that get into your skin during your facial is a common cause of post-facial breakouts. Bacteria can thrive in steam machines and tools that haven’t been properly sterilized. Request that the technician not use tools during your care to avoid this risk, but if they do, make sure that all tools are taken directly from a sanitizing machine before they begin.

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