The Engineering Division provides engineering support to the various City operating departments, implements the City’s Capital Improvement Program and performs reviews of the Engineering Plan for all private development projects. General work includes annexation, surveying, special studies, mapping and responding to Walnut Creek citizens and other agencies.


The Capital Investment Programme.

Implement the City’s construction program for new installations and major maintenance projects. It provides project design, surveying, scheduling and construction management. This section also holds public hearings and information meetings and coordinates funding, joint projects and project reviews with outside agencies. This section implements the construction program for new City facilities and major maintenance projects for City-owned infrastructure. 

Design, surveying, scheduling, inspection and construction management are provided for these projects. This section also organizes community outreach meetings, coordinates joint projects and applies to funding for capital projects from outside the Agency.


Engineering Development

Responsible for plan reviews, map checks and inspections of all private developments taking place within the City of Walnut Creek. Development Engineering shall review and approve all Subdivision maps, issue Site Development permits for grading or other improvements to private property and Encroachment permits for all works within the public right-of-way. Development Engineering is responsible for the review of plans, map checks and inspections of all private site development (residential, commercial and industrial) taking place within the City of Walnut Creek. Stormwater treatment may be required for new development projects that create or replace 10,000 square feet of impervious surface.


Road Engineering

It plays a key role in maintaining safe and efficient travel for pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles within the City and provides traffic operations and traffic planning services.


The Clean Water Programme

Administrators Federal and State mandates to reduce pollutants from entering surface waters and storm drainage systems.

The Engineering Department provides for the retention by the City Engineer (Dave Gilbertson), through the RKA Consulting Group, of professional engineering, planning and supervision of public works programmes.  Primary functions include the provision of design, plans, specifications, permits and construction of public works and development projects, including infrastructure and capital projects. The services provided also include carrying out inspections to ensure that grading, sewers, roads and drainage is completed in accordance with the plans and specifications.

This well-known government office is located near the following offices in Walnut Creek, California:

  • Walnut Creek Public Services Department
  • Walnut Creek Traffic Operation
  • Walnut Creek Parks Division
  • CalPERS Walnut Creek Regional Office
  • City Engineering
  • DMV Walnut Creek
  • Sugarloaf Ranger Station
  • Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce
  • Congressman Mark DeSaulnier’s Office

All of these wonderful offices are located just a short distance from our location on Boulevard Circle in historic Walnut Creek, California.