This regional park includes almost 697 acres of space together with two major ridges south of Mount Diablo. Perceived as a small oasis, it offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life in the middle of the dense suburb of the Sycamore valley. Once home to the native people of Bay Miwok, the local settlers used the lands through various activities such as grazing and farming. In fact, they are responsible for the Sycamore Valley’s complete transformation into a highly productive agricultural region. The trails range from 600 to 1000 ft in height and offer pleasant walks in the middle of green rolling hills. And, either winter or spring is the best time to visit. There are two different hiker parks in the area-the Short Ridge Unit covering 362 acres (starting along a stream via the Shady Slope Trail) and the 28-acre Sherburne Hills Unit. They offer 6 miles of walking trails in combination and are not connected.

They are divided by the Camino Tassajara, as does Wood Ranch’s residential neighborhood. The latter has some pockets of shade and is enveloped by Oak trees, while the hilly grasslands of the latter remain largely exposed to sunshine and are also more reclusive as the hike is a little strenuous. However, it offers better views of the south. The narrow trails that snake up next to oak trees and hillsides house a wide range of wildlife that you can hike among. We offer amazing views of the surrounding city, hills and Mount Diablo’s lush green foothills. The location is diffused by water bodies such as small ponds. To red legged frogs and garter snakes, they have small wetland habitat. And, you’re likely to notice cattle and animals.

The ecosystem generally supports scrub jays, gopher snakes, northern rattlesnakes, scrub jays, acorn woodpeckers, lazuli bunting, racers, black tailed titmouse, northern orioles. The northern unit’s woodlands are mature, hosting big horned owls and red tailed hawks. Thankfully, these parcels of land have managed to elude development for nature lovers. This is your dream vacation place in a sea of houses where nature thrives and you can stretch your legs out of cement. Though severely restricted in terms of nestling activities in the heart of civilization, it still has to enjoy a range of plants, birds, requirements and views.

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