What Do You Wear For Spray Tanning?

Many people are cautious about spray-tanning because they are too shy to show a tanning therapist their body, or because they are embarrassed by scars and marks during the session. But it’s entirely up to you to know how much you want to say about your body. Your tanning treatment is in your control from beginning to end. 

Have you got a spray tan schedule but conscious on what to wear? We ‘re here to give you all the best fake tan tricks, like all the time you take a spray tan, what to wear and how to preserve your tan in winter.

For clothing: 

Black cotton underwear is a must when it comes to a spray tan appointment. Choose pairs that aren’t too close and don’t have a large range of elastic when you pick a pair of bumper knickers after your appointment. As to what you wear after, loose-fitting, dark and washable clothes are best. Pick up a black jumpsuit or clothing (which is not too tightly elastic anywhere) and live.

For Shoes: 

Prepare always a couple of thongs for your tan appointment-to stop closing the shoes and socks at all costs!

For Bags:

You don’t want your shoulder to bear a heavy bag, just to return home with a wide ol’ mark.

No Jewellery

Before your appointment always remember to take all the jewelry away. You don’t just want to show marks after the appointment, you don’t want to leave your best necklace or ring behind by accident!

For Bed

Most customers want to have their spray tan during the night so they dry and hop straight into bed when they’re done. To play safely, on bed for the night of spray tan, always have Spray tanning sheets. Sheets that are dark so you won’t notice, so you can wash it right away. Wear a long sweatshirt and sweatpants. You don’t want to wear anything heavy that causes you to sweat. It’s not healthy to sweat after a spray tan!

Are You Looking for a Spray Tan You Can Trust?

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