Should You Trim Your Hair Before A

Professional Waxing?

You might be wondering if you should trim your hair before a professional waxing. Waxing is an exfoliation process that requires the skin to be as smooth as possible. Hair acts like thread and can pull on the skin, causing it to break or bleed during the process. So if you are going for a Brazilian or bikini wax, it’s best not to shave beforehand because shaved hair tends to grow thicker and more coarse than when left untouched. If you are going for any other type of waxing (e.g., eyebrows), then shaving may be okay because this does not cause harm to those areas that require pulling off hairs with thread-like strings of pulled-out hair cells from below the surface of your skin!

For women, waxing is a painful but necessary beauty treatment. Waxing can be even more uncomfortable if you have long hair and a professional is going to pull it back while they work on your legs or other body areas. If this sounds like you, then we have some good news and bad news for you. The good news is that trimming your hair beforehand will not affect the quality of the waxing; however, the bad news is that there are potential risks involved with trimming before getting waxed.

How Long Before Hair Can Be Waxed?

You have to grow your hair out long enough so that it is at least the size of a grain of rice. This ensures wax will get all the hairs with roots and leaves you free from unwanted body hair for longer periods of time.

The Area To Be Waxed Matters

With hair growth in different parts of your body, you may find that it becomes thicker or faster to grow than in other areas. For example, pubic and underarm hairs will likely be more coarsely textured with a higher density compared to legs and arms where the individual strands are thinner. This means if waxing is something you’re interested in doing for removal purposes then there might need to be an allowance made by not trying on armpit hair shorter than 1/4 inch long due to how thick they can get while still being strong enough at this length before having them pulled out without snapping off as well as decreasing any risk of breakage from removing these delicate tips since their strength sometimes doesn’t match up with thickness like what’s seen further down. Understanding that different areas of the body have different hair textures will help us know the following: 

  • Easily wax hair in the area you need without breaking them off
  • Get higher quality results in removing hair that has changed texture and density
  • Differentiate between coarsely textured vs. thin strand lengths

The Length Of Your Hair Will Depend On How Fast It Grows

If you’re on waxing hiatus, then two weeks should be more than enough time to prepare for waxing again when it’s the time! Otherwise, if this is your first waxing experience or if you just don’t know how fast your hair grows…you might want to wait until there are noticeable sprouts before getting waxed.

How To Measure The Length Of Your Hair?

To measure whether or not your hair is long enough, try grasping the hairs and pulling them up. If you’re unable to easily grasp your hair without also pinching the skin in between waxing areas, then it’s probably not time for waxing just yet!

So, if you are going for a Brazilian or bikini waxing, then shaving beforehand may not be the best idea. If you have any other type of waxing in mind, it’s okay to shave before your appointment and this will not cause harm to those areas that require pulling off hairs. Contact us today if you need help finding out what is the right choice for your needs!

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