Scotts Peak TrailHead is located in Contra Costa County of California state.The Scott’s Peak trail is easy to find and easy to follow, as it takes the form of a well-groomed dirt road. The good quality and distinctive nature of this dirt road trail is similar to that of the East Ridge Trail, located in Redwood Regional Park, just a few miles south of the Siesta Valley Recreation Area.

The trailhead is the point at which the trail begins, where the trail is often intended for hiking , biking, horseback riding or off-road vehicles. Modern trails often include restrooms, maps, signposts and distribution centers for informational brochures on the trail and its features, and parking areas for vehicles and trailers.

Historically, cities located at the terminus of major footpaths, such as the Natchez Trace and the Chisholm Trail, were also known as trails. For mountain climbing and hiking, the elevation of the trail above the sea level gives an idea of how high the mountain is above the average terrain.

Trails create healthy recreation and transport opportunities by providing people of all ages with attractive, safe , accessible and low-cost places to cycle, walk, hike, jog or skate. Trails help people of all ages to incorporate exercise into their daily routines by connecting them to places they want or need to go. Communities that encourage physical activity by using linear corridors can see a significant impact on public health and well-being. In our Health and Wellness Benefits fact sheet, see how trails and greenways help to create healthy communities from coast to coast.

Trails can be a key component of a seamless urban or regional multimodal transport system. Many parts of the country incorporate trails and similar facilities into their transit plans, relying on track facilities to ‘feed’ people in and out of transit stations in a safe and efficient manner. The ability to avoid overcrowded roads and highways and to travel through natural areas on foot or by non-motorized means is a major factor in the “livability” of the community.

The economic effects of trails are sometimes readily apparent (as in the case of trailside businesses) and are sometimes more subtle, as when a company decides to move to a particular community because of amenities such as trails. There is no question, however, that numerous communities across America have experienced economic revitalisation due, in whole or in part, to trails and greenways.

This well-known attraction is located near the following must-see sites in Orinda, California:

  • Orinda Community Center Park and Tennis Courts
  • Orinda Oaks Park
  • Siesta Valley Recreation Area
  • Orinda Library
  • Bruns Memorial Amphitheater
  • Tilden Regional Park
  • Orinda Theatre 
  • Briones Overlook

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