Making Your Waxing Appointment Go

As Smoothly As Possible

When you need to get a waxing appointment, it can be both exciting and terrifying. You might not know what to expect or how much the experience will hurt. A lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea of having to get waxed. Waxing can be painful and embarrassing, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these tips for making your next appointment go as smoothly as possible. 

Don’t Shave

All hair should be at least a quarter-inch or more before waxing. Wax is not as effective if there isn’t enough to hold on to throughout the process of removal and it could result in pulled-out hairs, extended recovery time, ingrown hairs (due to excessive heat), and skin irritation.

Take A Shower And Exfoliate

If you want a relaxing and comfortable experience, take warm showers or baths before the procedure to soften your pores. Scrubbing with an exfoliator will help get rid of any dead skin cells that could interfere with treatment results.


Dry skin can make waxing difficult. In order to have a successful session, it is essential that you remain hydrated before and after your appointment by taking care of yourself with some light exercise or stretching beforehand and drinking plenty of water afterward!

  • On the days leading up to your waxing session, moisturize well so that the hair will come off easier during removal. 
  • It’s also important not to over-moisturize on the day because too much moisture could prevent enough heat from reaching stubborn hairs for them to be removed effectively.

Be Prepared For Some Discomfort

One popular misconception is that waxing is a painless procedure. The truth, however, may be surprising for some people as hair removal can sometimes bring on varying levels of discomfort. Waxing isn’t the best option for everyone and it’s important to take certain factors into consideration beforehand to see if this form of treatment will work well with your lifestyle before committing fully to it.

For Women, It’s Best To Avoid Waxing A Few Days Before Your Period

Waxing is a painful, but necessary process for hair removal. Your body becomes more vulnerable during your menstrual cycle so you should avoid waxing or shaving five days before, during, and shortly after the first day of menstruation because it can lead to skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and infection from bacteria in the follicles being pushed upwards by sharp objects such as razors. 

If you are sensitive to pain in your lower area then take Ibuprofen thirty minutes beforehand if it’s your first time getting waxed otherwise remember that less discomfort will occur with each session over time.

Wear Something Comfy To Your Waxing Session

Yoga pants are popular, but they might not be the best choice for people with sensitive skin. Instead of tight-fitting yoga wear – try maxi dresses or loose cotton clothes to avoid any discomfort in places like your thighs and butt.

Waxing can be tricky. Done wrong, waxing will leave you with irritation and ingrown hairs in addition to unwanted hair. But when done right, it’s an inexpensive way of keeping your skin smooth and hair-free for weeks at a time. Whether you’re waxing a tiny region like your brows and upper lip or a bigger area like your legs, back, or chest–you’ll want to take some precautions beforehand so that the process is more pleasant for both parties involved.

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