Is Vaseline Good For Your Face?

The name of a popular brand of petroleum jelly is Vaseline. It is a combination of readily spreadable minerals and waxes. Vaseline has been used as a soothing balm and ointment for cuts, burns, and broken skin for over 140 years.

Vaseline’s main ingredient is gasoline. Other petroleum byproducts, such as kerosene and gasoline, may be more familiar to you. Vaseline, much like those items, has a glossy and filmy consistency.

Yet Vaseline is safe to use on your face and hands, unlike other types of petroleum. As a moisturizer, it is also a favorite for others.

Using Vaseline as a moisturizer for your face is healthy, but if you are doing this, there are some things you should know.

Vaseline and your skin

What Vaseline does is seal the skin with the current moisture. By forming a seal or barrier where it is applied, it often protects skin that has been damaged or irritated.

Petroleum jelly effectively limits how much moisture is lost from the skin via this membrane. According to one study analysis, petroleum jelly is superior to lanolin, olive, and mineral oils when opposed to this trusted source.

Vaseline prevents the skin from losing moisture, so it might be more important to actually moisturize these blended petroleum jelly products. Another petroleum jelly formula, Aquaphor, combines lanolin and ceresin to make the product both hydrating and occlusive.

At least one renowned dermatologist suggests using it every night as a makeup remover and thoroughly washing off the excess product to allow the best use of the barrier effect of Vaseline. In principle, this will lock moisture into your skin when you are sleeping.

Benefits for your face

Removes eye makeup

Since Vaseline is petroleum-based, it gently and simply dissolves almost every form of makeup. And Vaseline is safe to use around your eye area, unlike other makeup removers. In particular, it’s excellent at removing waterproof mascara. 

Locks in moisture

Without adding other ingredients that could irritate your skin, Vaseline seals in any moisture on your face. A Vaseline layer added before you sleep will help restore the natural amount of moisture and softness of your face.

Heal minor cuts and scrapes

A protective coating that seals the region of your skin where you apply it forms Vaseline. This protective barrier encourages healing and protects a wound that is working to heal from invading bacteria.

Protects chapped lips

Environmental conditions will easily dry out your lips, such as cold wind or hot sun. This protects the delicate skin around your mouth as Vaseline is applied to your lips. It is also free of flavors and perfumes, so most individuals do not need to worry about using it to get an allergic reaction.

Grooms and styles eyebrows

For styling your eyebrows, you can use Vaseline on your face as a neat trick. You should add a thin layer of Vaseline to smooth the hair into place to make sure they stay there, whether you like a high arch or a more normal, total look for your brows.

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