Do’s And Don’ts After Waxing?


  1. Exfoliate Before & After

Exfoliation is important just as waxing helps remove dead skin cells and ingrown hairs. Minimize the chances of ingrown hair by exfoliating before your wax. This will help remove the dead skin layer that prevents hair from sprouting. Also the wax will be able to adhere to more hair, making it even more effective.

Gently exfoliate the area again a few days after the wax. Doing so will allow hairs to grow in a healthy and natural way. A gentle loofah can do this and we typically suggest dry brushing before showering. To avoid micro-grazing or splitting of the skin this should be done gently.

  1. Have A Warm Bath First

Aim to have a warm bath before your appointment-this will help open the skin pores, making hair removal a little easier.

  1. Moisturise

Moisturizing is the easiest yet most efficient way to maintain silky soft skin post-wax. Waxing extracts the epidermis ‘ top layer exposing clean, smoother skin-but at the same time takes away the natural oil and moisture of the skin.

  1. Know Your Waxes

You will often be given the choice between strip and hot wax when you book for a wax at your usual salon. Strip wax is usually used for larger areas as the application and removal of it is much faster. It is generally better for thicker or less sensitive skin as it grips tightly. It can lead to bruising, tearing and ingrown hair when used on sensitive skin.

Meanwhile, hot wax is perfect for sensitive areas, which is why bikini / Hollywood / Brazilian waxes, underarm waxes and sometimes facial waxing are often the wax of choice. As the wax is left on the skin for up to one minute, the heat opens the pores and hair follicles, making it easier to remove the hair–this should make it a less painful choice in principle. Hot wax can be more costly though.


  1. Go Hungover

It’s common knowledge that alcohol has a dehydrating effect on your body and skin, so turning up to a hungover appointment may make your wax more painful. Your pores retract when your skin becomes dryer–the smaller your pores are, the tighter your skin can hold onto your hair, leading to a more painful wax.

  1. Use Perfumed Products

Post-wax, avoid perfumed deodorant or perfumed products such as body spray or strong lotion since the chemicals can aggravate the skin and cause discomfort. Use items like Simple and Cetaphil that are scent-free and soft on the skin.

  1. Have Hot Baths & Saunas After

The heat generated from a shower, hot bath, or hot tub will exacerbate the post-wax skin and make it redder and more responsive. Besides, hot water will expand your pores, providing more space for your skin to break out in contaminated or developed more hair. Always try to avoid swimming for a few days in a public pool as chlorine can dry and can aggravate delicate types of skin.

  1. Hit The Gym 

First and foremost, going to the gym means wearing tight, air-resistant clothing that causes friction in the region–this can lead to redness and ingrown hair. Often, the possibility of sweating is unavoidable so that bacterial infections may find their way. Definitely take a day before hitting the gym to let your skin relax and snap back into shape.

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