Established in 1998, Diablo Oriental Foods is located at 2590 N Main St in WALNUT CREEK, CA.

Diablo Oriental Foods is where you can go when you need Hawaiian food that most eastern markets don’t carry. Things such as fresh poi, frozen lau lau, and items to make pork kalua. The guy running the store here is very friendly and they cook and make sushi rolls. Prices for Hawaiian foods here are reasonable.

This place is a secret gem, and you’ll completely love it! The rates are really inexpensive and it’s bad that you didn’t know about this place earlier because grocery stores charge double and sometimes triple for products like baby maize, chili oil, ECT.

Things, foods, refrigerated items, and shelf items can be found here.

Parking is in the back or if you stay in the neighborhood, you can walk if you want.

You can have a perfect sushi night experience here. For about $49, you can get the ahi (1 lb), hamachi (1/2 lb), and albacore (1/2 lb). The ahi and hamachi are delicious and excellent quality. You can also get from here two forms of seaweed, and those Japanese sodas with the marble in them! It’s a small, tight market but it’s full of flavor. This Asian secret store features more Hawaiian food and Japanese products. They do have Nisshodo Dango in Hawaii. The Portuguese Sausage is there too!

This shop is really cool because it looks like a little “mom and pop” shop and it’s full of the goodness of all kinds. You can find a number of crackers here. When you’re out to get your food prep staples (tofu, sesame oil, teriyaki sauce, glass noodles, etc.) as well as pick up a little snack it’s a perfect stopover. If you want to get rice crackers anywhere you can get it here. 

The owners are really friendly and both on the phone and in-person are customer-oriented. They keep the store very clean and organized. That, along with the extensive stock, maybe why they’ve been in business for so long. 

It’s Walnut Creek’s only Asian market, and so far one of the best stores you can buy from especially during this pandemic. Definitely a place to return to! 

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